2012年3月21日 星期三

The part that should never be touched?

Science has bring about potential dangers for this world. There is not an exactly correct reason or a legitimate reason for any developments in science. However, there are many recent scientific findings that may become a threat for humanity. For example, eugenics, cloning and stem cell research has become popular over the years. Scientists do not realize the possible dangers of risks that such scientific developments can bring to the world.

I truly admire all efforts people had put into investigations, trying to make the world a better and more convenient place for all of us. whether in forms of science, literature, art, food, or every other kinds of investigations. But not every kinds of improvement helped the society, in fact, in some ways it brought down the essence of the whole nation. For our generation, there is the scientific development of nanotechnology which brings about the invention of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy could be the cause of the atomic bomb that took many lives in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nuclear power plants could produce lots of CO2 and cause the leakage of the ozone layer. Further effects of nuclear power plants could bring about deforestations and decrease wild life survival. What would mother nature say?

2012年3月14日 星期三

Click vs Faustian Tales

The Faustian tale is a story of a man who made a deal with the devil to fulfill all his desires. Faust, the main character, is professional in all types of jobs. But he is constantly looking for new challenges to beat in order to show his awesomeness. As a result, he makes a deal with the devil so that he can be better in all types of talents. However, Faust realized that he needs to give the devil his soul in exchange for all the good things he could gain. In conclusion, Faust finds out that the deal is unfair and asks the devil to return his soul. Satan does not like the deal, as a result left Faust with no option and no soul.

The Click is a movie that is talking about a guy who sucks at his job as an architect. Since he is often working late, he forgets about his wife and his son while spending most of his time making designs. One day, the main character Michael was so annoyed with life, he wanted to get a time remote control as he meets a clerk called Morty. Morty actually gave him the time controlling remote, later on he noticed it was not the kind of remote he wanted, it is actually one for "life"; you can fast forward, backward, stop, or play whenever you want. Michael begins to use the remote everyday to avoid fights with his wife, eating dinner and all the extra activities that does not concern his work. He starts overusing the remote, it gets out of control and he does not know what to do. The remote control now switches time by itself which was why Morty warned Michael to return in at the first place. Michael attempts to destroy the remote but it always comes back to him. Ten years of time just flew by and Michael sees himself as the CEO of the company, fat and ugly, divorced, and his kids hate him. In the next six years, Michael knows that he had gotten cancer and his father has died. On his son's wedding, he fainted, waking up in the hospital knowing his company has some problems. His son Ben was suppose to go on the honeymoon but he always told him that work comes before family. He later on chased Ben and told them his last words,chat he was wrong and he loves them and family should always come first. Before he dies, Morty asked him to make his decisions once again. Michael returned to the first day, he found the time controlling remote control and throws it in the trashcan and going home happily.

In the story, the main character Michael is someone who is not good at anything which is different from the Faustian tale. The devil in this film is the remote control instead of Morty because Morty actually gave Michael a few advices throughout the story. Over time, Michael does realize that he has not gotten the chance to spend time with his family while most of them have left him or passed away. His time has already been given as a deal in exchange for more free time for his work. In the end, everything returns to the place where he gets to make his first deal and he learns from his mistakes and rejects the deal.

2012年3月12日 星期一

An ode to all women's best friend

Oh how lovely, The arrival of all women's best friend  A
The brightest smiles you bring to us,   heavens send  A
Oh please! how can you ever leave? B
Im Praying to God this will never end  A

Giving us breaks in  PE. C
spending time together like honey and bee. C
Not letting us carry out our diet. D
Enjoying food as long as not ice tea. C
I feel like the queen of the world. E
Sometimes like a ball, when Im curled  E
Your existence is so strong. F
We can tell as the girls hurled  E
The pain you bring to us. G
Straight A's in class maybe a plus. G
Tears dropping from my eyes. H
Oh the time has finally come, thus. G

I want to say I hate you menstruation  I
How much pain you bring to God's lovely creations. I
Ice cream, one of the best invention of man kinds. J
Yet forbidden by ye, Your departure is gods best salvation. I

2012年3月5日 星期一

In the story "Gulliver's Travel" the yahoo's society works in a very distinct way that now days we might not see. In the story, the island works exactly opposite from the "normal world". Horses are more "educated"and have better manners, comparing to the yahoos who act like "animals". The actual "animals" in the story are more civilized, no matter under what circumstances. The yahoos doesn't really have any laws or standards, the ruder the yahoo is, the higher possibility they get to become the "leader". Another characteristic you can find in Yahoos would be their desire of picking fights. They fight over food, mates, power, even for no reasons. Sometimes, I realize no matter how "educated" and "civilized" we are, we still act as we had never been told of similar kind of knowledge. The way people "think" and how they react due to the situation, makes others feel like they aren't educated as they should've been. People make stupid decisions and acts, knowing or not knowing they are wrong. People fight over stupid things, and sometimes even animals know better than us. I've been talking about people nowadays with my family today, knowing how people do and say stuff that shouldn't occur.knowing they should be better than that, comparing them to animals or even insects, somehow we are no better than them. It's as if we are going bcd to the beginning, we ct like we aren't "Hunan" but animals. And in my opinion, Swift is trying to say that human nature

2012年2月16日 星期四

John Donne Medication 17 Translation

John Donne - Flattened

2012年2月8日 星期三

Say whaaaaaat?!

Oh yes, "awesomeness" says it all.

I thought for a pretty long time and came up with several ideas, but they aren't good enough. I asked and viewed some of my fellow classmates' examples, what sucks is that they are all amazing. But the worst thing is since they've used the idea I can't use them anymore, so i chose to stick with this one. I see how much a six-words sentence can tell the audience, sometimes you read it and there is no need for explanation. My sentence in another sence is very broad, and there can be multiple different ways to explain this. In my opinion, I think I have an awesome family, had an awesome life, at least for now. I have a bunch of awesome friends and people supporting me. Most part I myself is an expression of awesomeness, thought there are parts of myself and things in my life I do not like, for the most part it's an awesome life for me, and I bet this awesomeness will continue to grow.

And death shall be no more. Death, thou shalt die.

After reading Holy Sonnet 10, I pretty much agree with most of the points he is trying to prove. As a Christian, death to me should be nothing to fear, God promised us to give us eternal life, death then is just another form of sleeping, you just might never physically wake up. Personally, I am still scared of "death", when people around me pass away, even though they have the same faith as I do, I still cry my heart out every single time. I guess Im not scared of death itself but the fact that you will be separated from your family and friends; and might not be seeing them in a short period of time. On the other side, the feeling i have towards death will be curiosity. I've always been curious about how does it feel like to not be there anymore. Death to me is a mysterious monster, taking away peoples life and always wondering around, it's like a creeper..., always seeking for another life. As if it is showing of his power, thought it really holds none.